If you want to use my images, please contact me first :)

Below is a couple of links to persons, places and companies I regulary use and which I recommend.

Linda Hougaard Bentsen – My wife and travel mate 🙂 Her personal homepage with very nice photoes and a blog (In Danish)
Uri Løvevild Golman –  National Geographic Photographer, now a inspiring writer and worrier for nature as well as a dear friend.
Wild Nature Foundation – Is a foundation founded by Helle and Uri Løvevild Golman with the main purpose to document and protect the wild nature and animals of the world.
Project Wild -Photographer Helle and Uri Løvevild Golman are on a quest to document the last wild places on the planet. Follow these two amazing people on this very important journey.
Natureslens – UK based company lead by Pui Hang and David Miles. They offer a wide range of wildlife workshop and holidays.
Richard Peters – Wildlife photographer and GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2015. Leading workshops for different companies.
Drew Buckley Photography – providing 1-on-1 landscape and wildlife workshops. A really nice chap 🙂
Guilin Photography Tour – Company located in Guilin China which make bespoken photo tours in China, Run by Andy and Mia and is highly recommended.
SDF – Selskabet for Dansk fotografi – Danish organisation affiliated with FIAP, who’s aim is to support photography. They arrange Danish champhonship in Photography as an example.
NFD – Natur Fotografer i Danmark – Nature Photographers in Denmark, is a organisation with focus on Nature and wildlife.
Aalborg fotoklub – The local photo club, where there is room for both the relaxed hobby photographer as well as the very ambigious photographer
Himalyan trails adventure travel, Mads Mathiasen the CEO of this Nepal based company is the go-to guy if you want to experience the real Nepal.
Jensen Safaries – Travel Company managed by Holger Krogsgaard Jensen is based in Pretoria, South Africa. I cannot say enough good things about this company. Highly recommended. (They mainly have Danish guests)
Idube game reserve – Private game reserved, situated vest of the big KrĂĽger Natinal part in South Africa. A really nice place to stay, even it may sound expencive you receive full value for you money.
Africa Tours – Danish travel company, specializing in Africa. Operated by friendly and service minded people. The photo holidays they offer is really great value for the money.

Links to equipment I use and can recommend.

Canon – I have used Canon cameras and lenses for many years. Why you may ask? I know exactly the weaknesses and strengths of them, and can operate them blindfolded. And then they keep working no matter how bad the conditions are.
Black Rapid – A american company with a superb customer support, forget about all the copycats, there is only one company that makes the popular camera strap.
Think Tank  – The perfect camera bag does not exist, but this company come close. Super quality and design.
F-stop bags – The perfect backpack, a truly unique bag with a special ICU system which offers a ton of flexibility. The bag if you need to carry you heavy gear in the field.
3LT – Or Thee Legged Thing is a small British company who makes light and compact tripod systems in a geat quality, all the tripods are named after famous musicians.. Mine is called Brian.. Guess after who.
RRS – Or Really Right Stuff, is an American company who makes (very) high quality camera support systems, like ball-heads, monopods and tripods. Expencive but extremely solid products.
LEE filters – High quality filters like ND (natural density) or polarisation filters, known for their Big-Stopper which is a 10 stop filter.
B&W – Another filter company, if you need to add a filter often to protect your front element, this is the company you need. Also provides ND and POL filters.
Sandisk – Your memory cards are vital, you need to be able to trust them 100% and Sandisk memory cards has never let me down, however please make sure you don’t buy counterfeit cards as there is a lot of those out there..